Potential Isn't Worth Sh*t.

Let's Make your Life Business Health Happen.

“It isn’t about chasing unfulfilled goals and dreams. This is about becoming the person capable of achieving them.”


The Flywheel Of Change

1 ON 1 & Executive Group Training


  • 2 x 90-minute, initial Deep Dive Intensive Sessions
  • On-Going Guidance for 3 – 6 months
    • 60 minute call, every other week
    • 30 min check-in accountability call, in between weeks
  • Anytime access to Voice Messaging, Text & Email
  • Personal Flywheel and Daily Action Plan Development 
  • Tools and Resources

This is more than just coaching. This is an accountability program where we work on life, liberty, and the pursuit of whatever you are aiming for. This is developing your ability to create and achieve fulfillment for the rest of your life.

Most people won’t reach their goals because the person they currently are isn’t capable, regardless of the number of seminars they attend or books they read. There is no magic bullet. It takes repetition, effort, and most importantly, it takes guidance.  

My Flywheel Method bridges the gap between awareness and action. I help people gain conscious control of their subconscious influence and road map small steps to reprogram the ego so that it aligns with their true desires. Once the conscious repetition becomes an unconscious habit, we allow the flywheel to gain momentum and any outcome is now obtainable. 

If you’re ready for change… if you know there is a different path for you that you just can’t seem to get on… if you are looking to launch or scale your business… or if every area in your life needs a little nudge (or swift kick) in the right direction, then now is the time. No more what ifs. No more waiting. No more if  ____, then I’ll ____. 

Let’s make life happen. 

“It is rare to find someone who cares about your business as much as you do. A true business partner. He is the person your business needs long before you realize that your business needs him” 

New Zealand Eats Restaurant Group


It's Business Time

partnerships & consulting

A Million Dollar Idea is worth nothing without a Million Dollar Execution.

Chris Hjerling Ventures is a business project firm that launches and scales great projects with amazing people. We work with others to bring great ideas to fruition with mission and purpose.

We build a foundation of the “What” and the “Why” of the business, then reverse engineer a roadmap of “How” to stay on course and avoid being reactive. Our strategies help businesses zoom out and define the big picture then build a detailed path of small actions to bring that picture to life.

Strategic operational systems and feedback loops analyze, shift, and build our flywheel of momentum for long-term scale or exit strategy. This is where we work on the business, not get stuck working in the business.

“The structure and clarity we gained from the Business Intensive took our company to next the level in just one day with Chris. With his guidance, we were able to reorganize our business model and get the right team in the right positions, increasing productivity and profits. Wish we found Chris years ago.”

Kama'aina Mortgage Group