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I can’t help but explore beyond the surface of everything. Questioning the how and the why things are the way they are; socially, mechanically, operationally, personally. Finding patterns in chaos, including our minds. 

I believe that most people live within self-determined, subconscious boundaries that guide their decisions and actions and create predictable outcomes and patterns. The problem is that personal fulfillment and most of our desired accomplishments exist outside of those boundaries, in the realm of uncertainty and risk. 

My mission is to help bring great ideas to life, whether it’s an idea for an individual’s growth or an idea that impacts the world. My content and my coaching aims to open minds and shift perspectives to help people let go of the overwhelm and choose purposeful actions that create a life free from their past and the unnecessary worry of external judgement. 

We are defined not only by what we do, but how we feel about what we do. It’s only when you embrace the uncertainty of life and gain conscious control of your decisions that you are capable of achieving the life and business outcomes you truly want. 



The Birth of a Nice Guy.

Not literally at birth (though I do hear I was a pretty chill baby). I’m referring to the creation of my subconscious need to be everything to everyone, except myself.  

Dad bailed at 2. Raised by empowered women. Moved to Hawaii at 7. Told daily to go back where I came from. Learned it was safer to stay small and to fit in like a chameleon. Rewarded with love, validation, and safety by being The Nice Guy; full of self-sacrifice and free of self-worth. 

I could continue the typical hero’s journey of overcoming some external life struggles to become the man I am today (copywriters tell me that’s the way to “connect” with the audience), but that’s not the story I want to tell, at least not here. 

My Nice Guy Origin Story 

I prefer to discuss my journey of experiences and tipping points that created the values and perspectives I live by and share with people today.


Becoming a Man (Physically).

Late 90’s, fresh outta high school. Work, school, beach… basic young adult island life. Hotel parties and 18+ clubs enter our social calendars (both were cool in Hawaii back then). 

Entering our peacocking phase of manhood, naturally a few of us started hitting the gym. I had been a very active kid, but it wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I got my first taste of my ability to endure discomfort on a path to achieve future outcomes.

I fell in love with the physical self-awareness and how good the outcomes felt when I put in the work to achieve them. 

Passion discovered, embraced the unknown. I said goodbye to Hawaii and set off to San Diego to study in Kinesiology, specializing in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health. 

Out of college, I started consulting and designing fitness and recreation facilities across Southern California. As a means to market my services, and my desire to become an authority in the industry, I began hosting seminars and workshops on fitness center design.


Speaking & Traveling

Realizing my love and talent for public speaking, I auditioned for a speaking program under Monster Worldwide. Within a year I became one of the top speakers, and the youngest speaker trainer in the company. 

Passion discovered, embraced the unknown. I became a mouth-for-hire, hosting workshops and speeches across the country on topics ranging from business to health to diversity leadership. I was living out of a suitcase. And I loved it. 

I was able to immerse myself and truly engage with people from all walks of life. I was amazed at how differently everyone saw their version of their world, yet our core human needs and fulfillment were so similar. I became obsessed with chasing perspective and seeing the world from as many points of view as possible. 

At this point, I had spoken to over 150,000 people however, I had come to realize that most of what I spoke on -most of my impact on others- was based on somebody else’s philosophy. It wasn’t my script (Nice Guy pattern continued.


They say those who can’t do, teach. So I did.

I decided to exit the stage and get off the corporate ladder, explore the labyrinth of life, and discover my own philosophies through direct experiences with as many perspectives as possible. 

Thus began a decade-long journey of travel and entrepreneurship, launching businesses and consulting on many others. I’ve ventured through almost every state in America and 15 countries around the world. 

Though I had been successful, I was failing the one person who mattered the most, myself. Not due to a lack of talent or dedication, but a pattern of unconscious choices that kept my life in a cycle of resentment and sabotage. I’ve failed at getting what I wanted by never going after it. I stayed safe. I was the cliche, young prodigy turned struggling entrepreneur. Capable of everything, unable to choose anything, just helping others build their dreams instead of my own (Nice Guy pattern-breaking point).


Becoming my best self (Mentally).

It wasn’t until I started to change myself that I was able to change the world around me. Truth was that I had not reached my goals because the person I was at that time, was not capable.  I was so committed to validating my worth through the eyes of others that my integrity to myself was always the first thing sacrificed.

After awareness must come action. I knew I had the talent, the work ethic, the skill, and the integrity. Now I had to set out each day and prove myself right. No more fitting in. No more secret contracts and expectations with people. No more staying small and safe. 

I’d like to say that I did a swan-dive off the edge of my Nice Guy cliff into my inner psyche, and came up for air as a new man, but there is nothing graceful or swift about looking inward. 

It’s been years of trial and error, resistance, backslides and many slices of humble pie. And, the process isn’t finished, nor will it ever. Once I stopped trying to “fix” myself and embraced the endless labyrinth of perception, I began to zoom out and see just how amazing life is. And that’s what makes this process so powerful


Now, I do AND teach.

They say those who can’t do, teach. Not sure who they are, but fuck them anyway. I did. I’ve succeeded and I’ve failed. And I still will. But, teaching and impacting others fulfills me in a way that my own businesses don’t. So I’ve decided to do both. To guide. To coach. To do more than just motivate others. To empower and impact others to do for themselves. 

I’ve come to realize there will never be a point when I stop observing the inner workings of everything this life has to offer. I’m a willing explorer of the unknown and uncertain. Both in my mind and throughout the globe. I embrace journeys without predetermined endings and get to enjoy the wonder of new culture, new thoughts, new perspectives, new ideas and new experiences. And that… is my gift. My purpose. My offer to the world. 

And, this time around, I have my own script. 

Now I build the person so that they can build their own future. Combining personal growth, health, and business together is extremely powerful for success and fulfillment.