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Community Challenge: Buy Local Gift Cards

Save Local, Small Businesses

CHALLENGE: We have the power and ability to SAVE SMALL BUSINESSES!!

Stop feeling bad and start taking action. Give up a little “convenience” in Amazon and big box shopping and do some genuine good this season.
We all talk about supporting small business. We all say small business les need help. Well, this is the perfect time to prove it.
I challenge everyone to put their money just that.
– SHARE this video
– Tag me and 5-10 people and challenge them to do the same.
– Then buy local. Buy small.
Even if the business is shut down, if they are offering a gift card or gift certificate, go buy it. Keep them around.
The affect of these shutting down means the end of your community. This isn’t a ban on @amazon or @target it’s just giving priority to the businesses that give our communities life and identity.
Do it.

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